With the current situations, consumers are looking inwards people are ready to have fun and are transforming homes into playgrounds for escapism.

The new wavy aesthetic

Consumers are ready to have some fun and are transforming homes into playgrounds for escapism. This is giving rise to a new aesthetic of fluid curves, wavy lines, and freeform blobs, popularised by social media.

Humans are naturally more drawn to rounded, organic shapes since they mirror nature, with scientific studies showing that soft curves create a feeling of safety, while circular shapes correspond with happiness. Consumers are in need of both comfort and playfulness more than ever, which is accelerating the trend for an expressive play on form.

Pieces of furniture that loosely resemble our own forms and characteristics subconsciously comfort the user. New York-based Eny Lee Parker’s work perfectly embodies this, by surrounding the user with things that are warm, textural, curvy and imperfect. She always ensures there is always a sense of fun in her designs to mirror her outlook in life, which is to not take things too seriously.

Although wavy decor has been emerging for a few years, the trend has accelerated in line with the shift in how we’re using our homes. Paris and Buenos Aires-based brand Bougie Woogie designs made-to-order wavy objects to make people smile. Shontelle Hyslop, the creative behind the Insta-famous London-based Lotta Blobs mirrors said “The world is too serious and our generation relies on playfulness as a form of escapism. I definitely believe colour and unconventional shapes in this generation’s space is an extension of this.”

Source: WGSN