Purple Cow

“Remember, it’s not about being weird. its about being irresistible to a tiny group of easily easily sneezers with otaku. Irresistible isn’t the same as ridiculous. Irresistible (for…

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Rewind, let’s start from the beginning again.

I’ve always thought that I wanted my blog to represent me, to try and be artsy and cool with tips and interesting articles I read but I just…

Working Cafe Bali: Pison Coffee Travel Seminiyak Cafe Best

Working Cafes Bali: Pison Coffee

This was such a gem, too bad we found it a few days before leaving Seminiyak! Pison is a 2 storey cafe with amazing desserts. The upstairs area…

Best Fashion Blog Web Designs 2016

Combining two of my interest, websites and fashion. I’ve been doing some research on the best fashion blogs right now (November 2016), indicating the date as designs trends…

A sense of belonging 

Ever feel like you don’t belong? Not in a depressed sense but in a ” I’m too different from everyone else” kinda way. My life is great I…

Nais Lemak Singapore Local Food Hawker Dish Cuisine

What is Nasi Lemak?

Description Nasi lemak is Malay for “rice in cream”, a reference to the rice being cooked in coconut milk, or “richly flavoured rice”. The rice is lightly salted…

Fashion illustrations

Local Singapore Food

Series: What is Food? Singapore Edition

I’ve decided to create a series of blog posts about the different types of signature dishes in Singapore. As Fab (my bf), is not local and after I…

Bali day 16 

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. 🌟

Do what you love, love what you do 

Is this viable

It’s 3am and we are flying off to Bali in 2 weeks. I’m getting anxious to this whole digital nomad life with strict visas and airport rules and…

giphy-peace-what-is-happening-the world

More Than Ever.

Woke up this morning to yet another tragedy in the world, the Nice attack. What is our world becoming to? Where it the love anymore? Killings like this…

gift gifting obsolete

Are Tangible Gifts Obsolete?

I was having a discussion with a friend as we saw an ad about getting $400 off on a website that struck a conversation about gift giving. She…

Why the agency life isn’t for everyone

A year ago I knew nothing about the agency life. Never knew they existed and that people outsourced marketing and other business activities. I’ve always worked in companies…


Artist: Matt Blease

Found his work browsing through Pinterest and Tumblr, I am obsessed with his stuff! The word play, the double meaning, the clean lines of his illustrations. Matt Blease…

two types of people in the world leaders followers

Two Types of People in the World?

Today’s discussion. Are there two types of people in the world? Those who lead and those who follow. From my experiences in the work place, there are both…

The vital skill for a modern marketer is…

The ability to write excellent, flexible copy and apply it to various mediums – blogs, ebooks, ads etc An understanding of data and metrics and how to make…

Importance of Thinking

I’ve been working for almost 8 years now and personally, I think I can do well at every job is because I use my brain and have integrity…

Favourite Carrie Bradshaw Outfits from Sex and The City (SATC)

Favourite Carrie Bradshaw Outfits from Sex and The City aka SATC

  A black loose cropped halter top and a midi skirt, simple elegance in all its 90’s glory. One of my favourites! When I first saw this on…


Quote of the day


Historic American landscapes, recreated in technicolor junkfood

Junk food, in the name of art. Two US photographers are filling their carts with sugar-laden cereals, processed meat and fizzy drinks to create a new kind of…

stuck in limbo quote

Stuck In Limbo




Best Thing You’ll Find on The Internet Today: Meryl Streep on Food

You know what they say, the best things in life doesn’t come for free but thanks to the internet it does! I am probably the most amused out…

Nara Dreamland - The forbidden journey

Nara Dreamland – The Forbidden Journey

  Credits: Victor Habchy

positive mind-positive vibes positive life

Stay Positive

Love you lawyer reality check

Reality Check

Never knew lawyers were important in the world until you try to register your own company…..


Why not?


Perspective on tough times

Tough times will always be there, it depends on how you react and change the situation. There’s always two extreme ways to deal with each situation, yesterday we…


Silver Lining

Seek magic everyday even though things might not go the way you planned, there’s always a silver lining