I’ve always thought that I wanted my blog to represent me, to try and be artsy and cool with tips and interesting articles I read but I just thought to myself, I am 27 this year and have a lousy memory and everyday I don’t write stories about my life is a day that might be forgotten so here’s to a new chapter of me life.

I am currently in Kunming, I’ve been here for almost more than a month and it’s just a regular Saturday but I will still write a post because #yolo #badmemory.

Woke up this morning to fix our kitchen light that hasn’t been working for 2 days, made tuna pasta for lunch and watched the office. The gas stove wasn’t working either so we called a guy to fix both the lights and gas which cost $2 SGD (Not kidding) and he even tighten the knobs on our door.

Went for a massage, at this place all the masseuse are blind and totes amazing! There are many massage places that hire blind people for this and I think it’s wonderful to create jobs for these people. And the massages here in China are different than the ones from around Southeast Asia. They massage acupuncture points and joints that has a long ancient history. Personally, I feel like they are more sensitive to touch and they will advice you on health and your daily habits to improve these areas. I loved it.

After that, we went to return a shoe that we bought that was one size too small. The strange thing about deliveries here in China is so forward-thinking than you can ever imagine. When I shop online, I go to a pigeon hole like thing and key in a code and retrieve my parcels. The place we went to delivery the shoe back was also a supermarket, like I said when there’s business, there will be a way to get things done.

Went for a hair wash which cost $6, everyone is nice but I can’t barely speak enough words to have a proper conversation but they are attentive and professional.

It’s a beautiful day out, the temperature dropped almost 10 degrees lower and it was drizzling. In the morning you can see people selling fruits, dried food etc.. on the streets.

I love the view from my apartment, there’s a beautiful sunset and you can always see dogs or children playing from here.