Flight back from Singapore to Doha delayed an hour, which made that flight late and we were unable to make our connecting flight. Replaced a new boarding pass and plane. Landed in Dubai at 5am, waited for customs for an hour. It was insane! After the customs it was almost 6am, our luggage did not arrive as we literally ran from one plane to another. So right now, we are currently waiting for my luggage to be delivered.
We got home and the internet was cut off and we didn’t have any cell data, we had to inform the office, again nothing was working. Went to the supermarket to buy top up for the credit and it didn’t work, called the call centre didn’t work. We had to get data on a phone to pay the bill for the house and to send an email to the office.
So we finally got that working, and we just paid the bill.
Currently waiting on the luggage and rental car.
I am usually a positive ray of sunshine but this seems like an obvious sign to leave Dubai.
You know when you were young and you always had this “Money or Happiness” type of movie, tv show ideas instilled in you. That seems like my current situation now.
I would like that inspiration and positive self back into my spirits as it is slowly going away from me.