It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve travelled back to Singapore and it feels like 2 months. We’ve got so much done in this 2 weeks it’s crazy.

Faced some issues in regards to registering the company but it’s being settled.

#1 Malaysia Day Trip:

I’ve always been asked about Malaysia but honestly I’ve only been there too short of a duration to know what it is actually like, but this trip we met an angel.

My parents and their friend brought Fab and I to JB, the usual way driving through Woodlands checkpoint. A couple of months back, my parents were in JB for work and was brought to a Seafood Kelong in a outskirt area (meaning Singaporeans don’t go that far) for a delicious fresh seafood meal. They wanted us to check it out but we got lost because Google Maps didn’t work well, after 3 hours driving around we thought we should stop somewhere to ask because the further we drove we might end up in another city. We saw a petrol kiosk and wanted to turn in but there was no way and we thought it was closed but I spotted someone in the shop. We pulled over and my parents spoke to them that we were lost and wanted to head to this place, she said “Come with me, I am going home and I live there.” So we did and we got to the place! What are the chances, before our two cars separated they stuck their hands out the window to direct us to go left and we got there! What a story!

We had 3 delicious crabs, Salted egg, Black Pepper and Chilli Crab.

IMG_2895 (1) Malaysia-travel-kelong-food Malaysia-travel-kelong-food Malaysia-travel-kelong-food Malaysia-travel-kelong-food