It’s finally the day where we will launch We Love Glasses, it’s been a tough few months to get things started but the responds we are getting from brands and friends and very encouraging and it keeps us going.

We’ve faced so many issues like lack of time to execute the work, not having enough technical support we need to build the entire platform and many more. I would like to document this moment as Da jie is about to go to Vision Expo in New York and we will move our site from the development site to the live site.

After all these months I truly believe that there is a big market for eyewear, everywhere I look and observe it’s calling out my name. Eyewear and glasses are the best selling fashion accessory because there’s low cost and quite high demand because everyone who needs glasses, needs glasses. I am excited to start this journey, even though there’s an abundance of uncertainty.

Will consumers use the platform? Is the fashion industry ready for an innovative way to connect? Are people going to understand the concept behind the website? Will brands be willing to collaborate? What is the best way to start partnerships with brands? What if we don’t get enough traffic for the site? How do we get users to be engaged? Is the site user friendly? So many questions..

Are we really just 2 crazy people with big dreams to ultimately be able to start and create businesses when we see an opportunity. That will be the dream. Also living on an island..