A year ago I knew nothing about the agency life. Never knew they existed and that people outsourced marketing and other business activities. I’ve always worked in companies where everything was done in house.

A year ago my story of working in an agency begin. It’s one year later and I’ve decide to leave and run wild to be a nomad. I think I am a pretty capable worker, I like challenges and I am patient and loves to help but this life takes a toll on you. Here’s why:

1) you’ve to be on their beck and call forever and always.

It’s early morning on a weekend and we get an unpleasant email from our client, we have to be patient, calm and nice to them even though you e explained the situation

It’s 11pm on a Friday night and whatsapp conversations are going when a client blasts at you about your work, you gotta suck it up, smile and take the blame.

2) my brain is functioned to achieve one major goal for the company. I’m used to working in startups, I’ve always loved my job. I loved to put all my passion and hard work into one goal.
For me to split my mind into twenty pods and to manage, strategize and please everyone is almost impossible. It’s set to fail. I dislike it when I have to do something even though it’s not the best I can do just because the client wants it now or we are late on a deadline. No no no.

3) chasing for payments

This kills them all, on top of being their bitch and working till death now the begging and following up and calls come to play. When it’s the end of the month and you’ve to collect your payments.
Suddenly all of them go MIA and start pushing you away

4) the argument
Between the client and the agency there’s always friction. About the job scope, timelines etc. everyday is like a battle, everything has to be justified constantly and relentlessly.