I’ve been in Dubai for 8 months and every week, I would check out a new cafe to work. Dubai does have some treasures around and of course it’s better to have cake and coffee while working. 🙂

I’ve yet to find a perfect one with:

  1. Working Wi-Fi
  2. Nice ambiance
  3. Good food and drinks
  4. Plugs for charger
  5. Free parking

Here are my shortlist of good places to work based on my criteria above.

  1. Pots, Pans & Board, JBR The Beach
    Pots-Pans-Boards-Dubai-JBR-Beach Pots-Pans-Boards-Dubai-JBR-Beach
    Checked it out twice over the weekend, usually pretty crowded but the ambiance is very fresh and lively. Food is superb and you get free parking for 3 hours if you spend more than 75 AED. There are seats on the outside near the beach or slightly more secluded indoors.
  2. Public Cafe, JLT
    One of the top places, I highly recommend this place if you’re in this area. The food is always consistent and AMAZING COFFEE! The staff is always friendly and again, food is amazing as the ingredients are very fresh and every dish is tasty. My favourite the Salmon Avocado Salad 🙂
    Public-Cafe-JLT-Dubai Public-Cafe-JLT-Dubai
  3. Le Pain Quotidien, JBR
    Before we discovered different areas, Le Pain Quotidien at JBR was the Go To place. It’s a quiet spot with good food and their Wi-Fi always works well. Another good thing is that it’s near the beach so you can take a break and plugs are available.
    Le-Pain-Quotidien-JBR-Beach-Dubai Le-Pain-Quotidien-JBR-Beach-Dubai
  4. Circle Cafe, Motor City
    Found one of the most perfect place to work. It’s quiet as it’s an office area, there’s good wifi and ah-mazing food! Must try their sweet potato fries..
    Each meal also comes with free coffee, it has different sizes tables and the outside area is the perfect ambiance. Free and empty parking on weekends 🙂
  5. Common Grounds, Mall of the Emirates
    If you’re at a mall, Common Grounds at Mall of the Emirates is a good spot. It’s near the cinema and it’s less crowded with people, there are tall stools and comfortable and pretty isolated seats to focus more.
    Common Ground Dubai mall of the emirates
  6. Fraiche, JLT
    Very nice vibes here, high ceiling with tall glass windows perfect for a productive afternoon. The Wi Fi always works and I would recommend the fresh salads as their food isn’t always too consistent. Very friendly staff and there’s also an outdoor seating.
    Fraiche-JLT-Dubai-Cafe-Wifi Fraiche-JLT-Dubai-Cafe-Wifi
  7. Le Tresor, BoxPark Dubai
    A nice spot at Boxpark with good food and ambiance. If you want a good meal and somewhere to work, Le Tresor would be the answer.
  8. Le-Tresor-Dubai-Boxpark
  9. Starbucks or Tim Hortons at City Centre
    Maybe because I live around this area but City Centre Me’aisem is one of the best malls because it has free Wi Fi all throughout the mall and there are different cafes like Starbucks, Paul’s and Tim Horton’s. It’s always quiet and has space for you to work anywhere and free parking.
  10. Lime Tree Cafe
    A quaint cafe with delicious desserts and amazing ambiance. Bright lights with glass windows, the only thing is that the WiFi is per hour, which makes working here for long a little tougher.
    Lime-Tree-Cafe-Dubai Lime-Tree-Cafe-Dubai
  11. The French Bakery, Media City
    Wi-Fi always works and there is an upstairs that’s always very quiet with plugs to charge your laptop. The food here isn’t the best but they do have some delicious pastries. Parking is free.