Today’s discussion.

Are there two types of people in the world? Those who lead and those who follow.

From my experiences in the work place, there are both and it is obvious to me what everyone fit into.

Since I work in the web and digital industry, I was wondering about developers and why are they impossible to find good ones who would like to partner up to create a cool web application or a new idea. And it got me thinking, maybe the very fact that they are programmers is the reason why.

Programming is all about rules and following those rules. I’ve heard many people introduce themselves to me as “Freelance Designers” but never Developers. Maybe developers are less likely to be prone to be leaders because they create products based on rules whereas Business people or Designers start with nothing?

Even the word “Follow” we are so used to seeing it on Social Media etc.. Is it that people with more “Followers” are leaders….?

Just a thought for today.

Next up: Resigning and Research about Digital Nomad Life..