I’ve been working for almost 8 years now and personally, I think I can do well at every job is because I use my brain and have integrity in what I deliver. From publication to merchandising to digital marketing. Each had different scopes to the job, different work environment and different management. But with each job, I delivered the job well.

It all boils down to this, right now as I am 25 and writing this.

  1. Integrity
    Believing in what you do and being honest and conscious each step of the way
  2. Thinking
    One thing that we take for granted is that everyone should think before acting on anything, but in my years of experience not many people think and really think hard as to what is right or what is the best way to get a job done.
  3. Challenging Yourself
    Never say you can never do something until you’ve actually tried and completed it or failed. One thing to always stay motivated is to try and challenge yourself. It sounds lame but it is how I stay excited about going to work everyday, not because what I do is rainbows and butterflies but I try to see things in different perspectives and solve problems differently.

Just some thoughts..